SCOPE: This particular family history project follows the family of Pauline Lucille HUMISTON (b. 14 Jan 1932) better known as "Rusty."  As of December 2007 research of this line covers eleven generations and goes back to Henry HUMISTON (b. 1626, d. 16 Jan 1663). Information actually goes further back than this relative but this overall project only goes back to the first generation to enter the United States. For Henry that was after 1639. The HUMISTON PROJECT TREE shows the relationships involved. Click on the DESCENDANTS link to review the information available so far. Please inform the undersigned if there are corrections to be made.

CENSUS AREA: For the census research this project presently includes Wisconsin, Minnesota, and especially Iowa. Cerro Gordo is the main county in Iowa because that is where Mason City is located. Please click on the U.S.CENSUS link to review anything that is covered there for this area. Downloading and arranging this information is still in progress. For actual research on line there is a subscription fee to access the census site at

FAMILY SOURCES: Information from family largely comes from Rusty herself.

WORLD CONNECT PROJECT: There were several small databases available but there was very recently found the huge database that has the Humistons back to the 1530s.While on the internet click on the following link (it is free):

Database Name: "Gamerdinger and Related Families"

Database Contact & Email: John -

FamilySearch.ORG: The search engine at this website was a great help for many of the family relationships and many of the specific dates needed and entering most of the information from the aforementioned database.

FURTHER DEVELOPMENT: This project will be further developed as information becomes available either from family or other reliable sources.


December 2007


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