SCOPE: This particular family history project follows the family of Robert Charles WINGER (b. 4 Mar 1918), hereafter called RCW. As of June 2011 research of this line covers eleven generations and goes back to Lazarus WENGER (b. 10 Nov 1715, d. 16 Dec 1796) who immigrated to the United States on board the ship bilander Oliver on 26 Aug 1735. A bilander, by the way, was a type of small European merchant ship with two masts. Read more about that here.

The following is a short explanation of each one of the links on the index page for this family:

The WINGER PROJECT TREE shows the relationships involved in the family line starting with Lazarus the first generation in the United States. It continues all the way down to the five children of RCW, the ninth generation. There are at least two more generations after them of course. But it was thought that as far as this chart should go, nine was sufficient for now. This tree is also provided as an example for other members of the Winger family who would like to put something together for their family. It was done with a simple graphics program that is relatively inexpensive to buy and easy to use.

The DESCENDANTS link will lead you to a part of this web site that was done with the genealogy software program called Family Search Personal Ancestral File 5.2 which can be downloaded from the internet for free. It is a very user-friendly program for those who are amateur family historians like myself..  Please remember at least two things as you explore the information that has been provided. First, remember the personal privacy of those listed here, especially those who are still living. Second, please inform the undersigned if there are corrections to be made.

Please note. The focus of this family history project in the wider sense is the Winger family of Oil City, Pennsylvania. But in a more particular sense the project concerns the family of RCW. Therefore, to assist you in following the family line from generation to generation, from Philadelphia to Oil City, the descendant in each generation is identified with red numbers and letters just in front of the name.

The remainder of this page is yet to be edited for the 2011 version:

CENSUS AREA: For the census research this project presently includes many counties that are situated in the western part of the Pennsylvania. This area so far includes Westmoreland, Mercer, Clarion, and especially Venango County where Oil City is located. Please click on the U.S.CENSUS link to review anything that is covered there for this area. Downloading and arranging this information is still in progress. For actual research on line there is a subscription fee to access the census site at

FAMILY SOURCES: Information from family largely comes from personal conversations with relatives, especially RCW himself. Much information has also been furnished by the current Winger Family Historian, Diane Marie (Winger) Watson of Titusville which is in the Oil City area. She and undersigned are second cousins.

FAMILY SPECIALS: There are many old photographs available here. Please click on the RCW-ALBUM link and take a look.

WORLD CONNECT PROJECT: There are several smaller databases that provided information but the majority of information came from one huge and very well maintained database. While on the internet click on the following link (it is free):

Database Name: "DLW Database"

Database Contact & Email: Daniel Wenger

FamilySearch.ORG: The search engine at this website was a great help in verifying much of the information already gathered. It will be used more as research contines.

FURTHER DEVELOPMENT: This project will be further developed as information becomes available either from family or other reliable sources.


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