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People Sources Personally Involved In This Project

ALW48 Allan Leigh Winger, born 4 MAY 1948, a descendant of the Oil City Wingers..

DMW Diane Marie (Winger) Watson, a descendant and present historian of the Oil City Wingers.

SIW  Stella Irene (Armstrong) Winger (now deceased), a descendant and previous historian of the Oil City Wingers.


People Sources from the DLW Database web page

CWM Cyrene Alice Winger, 1910.9.5, D7281A2, a very active researcher of the Wengers/Wingers that came through Oil City, Pa. She is a descendant of Lazarus Winger, immigrant of 1735. Her research helped to resolve conflicts between the descendants of Lazarus Wenger and Henry Wenger, G16.

MAF Mary Ann McClarnon, 1943.2.5, G181255543, * has helped to provide the research for this book and in particular has supplied on descendants of Martin Wenger, G18-and many other Wenger descendants and has resolved a number of questions regarding conflicting data. Her critic of this history has been extremely helpful. A collaboration with her cousin Deloris June Hammermeister, 1932.6.2, G18115F94 on a five year search for the descendants of Jacob Wingard and Susanna Zook has produced over 2900 individuals. Her contributions to this history have been very important and her encouraging support to DLW is greatly appreciated.

NWN Norman Wenger Nauman, 1897.1.5 1985.5.15, G1132261 was a major Wenger researcher. Much of the inspiration for this publication came from his efforts. Much of the information in this book is due to his years of research. His research records are stored at the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society outside of Lancaster, Pa.

Written Sources Originally Referred to in the DLW Database

Allegheny Valley History: When this short title is utilized in the DLW Database and this project, it actually refers to Genealogical and Personal History of the Allegheny Valley, PA, Volumes I, II & III published by the Lewis Historical Publishing Company in 1913. ALW48 now has a CD copy of this reference.

HVC: History of Venango County, Pennsylvania, Its Past and Present, published by Brown, Runk & Company Publishers of Chicago, Illinois in 1890. ALW48 now has a hard copy of this reference.

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