(Alphabetical by Author of Article)

Author Title of Article Periodical Vol Issue Pages C-Date Have
Keyes, Dick Lite Champions Christianity    Today 32 May 13 ‘88 29-32 880513 Yes
Keyes, Mardi Can Christianity and
   Feminism Agree?
Journal of   Christian   Nursing 10 no. 3 ‘93 11-17 930000 No
Garber, Steve Going First Class on the
   Titanic (Dick Keyes was    part of a panel discussion)
Christianity    Today 31 Nov 20 ‘87 25-27 871120 Yes
Seville, G.H. I. Charles Chiniquy¾
   Apostle of Temperance
The Sunday
   School    Times
‘53 Sep 26 ‘53 815-16 530926 Yes-1
--- II. How Charles Chiniquy
     Became Disillusioned in
The Sunday
   School    Times
‘53 Oct 3 ‘53 839-40 531003 Yes-1
--- III. Charles Chiniquy’s
      Conflict With Bishop
The Sunday
   School    Times
‘53 Oct 10 ‘53 870-71 531010 Yes-1
--- IV. Final Separation From
The Sunday
   School    Times
‘53 Oct 24 ‘53 909-10 531024 Yes-1
--- V. Charles Chiniquy,
     Faithful to the End
The Sunday
   School    Times
‘53 Oct 31 ‘53 928-29
& 940
531031 Yes-1
--- I. Adoniram Judson Gordon The Sunday
   School    Times
‘58 Mar 1 ‘58 159-60 580301 Yes-1
--- II. A.J. Gordon Is Called to
    a Church in Boston
The Sunday
   School    Times
‘58 Mar 8 ‘58 179 580308 Yes-1
--- III. A.J. Gordon’s Zeal for
      Foreign Missions
The Sunday
   School    Times
‘58 Mar 15 ‘58 199-
580315 Yes-1
--- IV. A.J. Gordon’s
      Christlike Personality
The Sunday
   School    Times
‘58 Mar 22 ‘58 217-18 580322 Yes-1

1. George Hugh Seville, D.D. was the father of Edith Schaeffer. Dr. Seville was a missionary in China (1902-19) under the China Inland Mission and Hudson Taylor. Mrs. Schaeffer was born in China. During the time of the writing of the 1953 articles, Dr. Seville was professor of Greek and Practical Theology at Faith Theological Seminary in Elkins Park, Philadelphia. At the time of the 1958 articles, Dr. Seville was retired, living in Wilmington, Delaware and was helping the Schaeffers with L’Abri in the area of administrative work. Out of respect for a great man of God whose parenting had direct influence on the founding and growth of the L’Abri ministry, this part of the bibliography is included. For more information about Dr. Seville, see the book entitled The Tapestry by Edith Schaeffer.