(Alphabetical Order by Name of Author/Editor)

Author Title of Book Publisher Year Pages Have
Catherwood,    Christopher Five Evangelical Leaders Wheaton, IL: Harold Shaw 1985 113-61 No
Dennis, Lane T. "Conversion in an Evangelical    Context: A Study in the    Micro-Sociology of Religion" Ph.D. diss., Northwestern    University Unk Unk No
---. Francis Schaeffer: Portraits of    the Man and His Work Westchester, IL: Crossway 1986 (All) Yes
---, editor Letters of Francis A. Schaeffer Westchester, IL: Crossway 1985 (All) Yes
Duriez, Colin,contrib.
   Elwell, Walter A.,    editor
Handbook of Evangelical    Theologians Grand Rapids: Baker 1993 245-59 Yes
Fowler, Robert Booth A New Engagement:    Evangelical Political    Thought, 1966-1976 Grand Rapids: Eerdmans 1982 61-76 No
Hall, Timothy D. "Rutherford, Locke, and the     Declaration: The Connection" Unpublished Th.M. Thesis    submitted to Dallas    Theological Seminary 1984 Unk No
Hill, Kent R.,contrib.
  Finch, Noel R. and   Etulain, Richard   W.,eds
Faith and Imagination: Essays    on Evangelicals and    Literature Albuquerque, NM: Far    West Books 1985 137-71 No
Jacobs, Sylvester Portrait of A Shelter Downers Grove, IL:
1973 (All) Yes
--- Born Black London: Hodder &    Stoughton 1977 (All) Yes
Leonard, L., contrib.
   Douglas, J.D. and
   Comfort, Philip W.,    eds.
"Schaeffer, Francis August
   (1912-1984)". Who’s Who In    Christian History
Wheaton, IL: Tyndale 1992 609 Yes
Lewis, Gordon R. Testing Christianity’s Truth    Claims Chicago: Moody 1976 296-300 No
Marshall, Catherine Something More New York: Avon 1974 170-189 Yes
Morris, Thomas V. Francis Schaeffer’s    Apologetics: A Critique Chicago: Moody 1976 (All) Yes
--- (Revised version of above) Grand Rapids: Baker 1987 (All) No
Parkhurst, L.G. Francis Schaeffer: The Man    and His Message Wheaton, IL: Tyndale 1985 (All) Yes
--- Francis and Edith Schaeffer Bethany House      
Reymond, Robert L. The Justification of Knowledge Nutley, NJ: Presbyterian and Reformed 1976 136-48 No
   Ronald W.
Reflections on Francis    Schaeffer Grand Rapids: Zondervan 1986 (All) Yes