Introduction to
Francis Schaeffer
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study guide to a trilogy:
The God Who Is There, Escape from Reason
& He Is There and He Is Not Silent
plus "How I Have Come to Write My Books"
by Francis A. Schaeffer
Second printing, April 1975
1974 by Inter-Varsity Christian
Fellowship of the
United States of America.
All rights reserved.
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reproduced in any form
without written permission
from lntervarsity Press.
lnterVarsity Press
is the book publishing
division of Inter-Varsity
Christian Fellowship.
"How I Have Come to Write
My Books" by L'Abri Fellowship.
Used by permission.
ISBN 0-87784-448-8
Printed in the United
States of America


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The Gulf Is Fixed
Science and Existentialism
Below the Line of Despair
Rationality and Faith
The New Theology
Historic Christianity
Communicating Christianity
The Practice of Truth
The Metaphysical Necessity
The Moral Necessity
The Epistemological Necessity: The Problem
The Epistemological Necessity: The Answer

"How I Have Come to Write My Books"

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