5th Maint Maps


I. 5th Maintenance Battalion (DS) Unit Area Maps

A. Map 01: Units on QL1 in the Phu Tai Valley

1. 5th Maint Bn HQ

2. HQ & Main Support Company

3. 552d LEM Company

4. 560th LEM Company (11 Mar 67 thru Feb 68 - then moved to Ankhe)

5. 526th CC&S Company/Company E (CC&S) Troop Command, USAD

6. 554th LEM Company/54th Signal

B. Map 02: Units on QL 19 in the Cha Rang Valley

1. CC&S Company, 86th Maint Bn (GS)

2. 618th HEM Company, 86th Maint Bn (GS)

C. Map 03: Camp Radcliff Unit in An Khe on QL19

1. 560th LEM Company (Feb 68 thru Dec 70)

D. Map 03a: 560th LEM Base of Operations with links to more features

1. 560th LEM Company Area

2. Guard Duty on the Green Line (from left to right)

a. Tower #1

b. Front Gate Tower

c. An Dan(2) Tower

d. Shore Tower

e. River Tower

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