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Many personal stories about life in the 5th Maintenance Battalion in Vietnam are already on the internet at the battalion web site.  You are invited to read those stories and see the many pictures that go with them at that site. It will definitely be worth your time and effort.  Chalet Eagle in Vietnam has many things about the battalion as well. But the focus in this particular section for now is primarily about the 560th Light Equipment Maintenance Company (Direct Support). For this web site is not only meant as an additional source of information for the battalion. It is also meant as a partial personal history for the family of the undersigned.  Our many thanks go out to those who have now or will have their stories and pictures about the 560th here.  A special thanks goes out to Greg Chew of the battalion web site for his continuing help with many things that have been borrowed from his site to make this site more complete.

Allan L. Winger
June, 2011

Dates in Country and/or Location Name


11 Mar 67 09 Feb 68 560th LEM Company

5th Maint Bn Compound, Phu Tai

09 Feb 68 14 Dec 70 560th LEM Company

Camp Radcliff, An Khe

Dates In Country and/or Unit Name Rank MOS Platoon or Section
Feb 67 Feb 68 Barwick, Christopher S. SP4 (Tech Supply Spec) Tech Supply
Mar 67 Mar 68 Clinton, Richard SP5 63H Wheel & Track Repair Maintenance
68 68 Perkins, William   44C Welder Service/Evac
68 70 Vogel, Randy   (Tech Supply Spec) Tech Supply
Feb 69 Sep 70 Winger, Allan L. SP5 44E Machinist Service/Evac
Fall 69 Spring 71 Adams, Lane   31J Radio/Teletype Repair Maintenance

Note: Except for Allan for now the other name links above are for their respective photo collections and stories at the battalion web site with the development of more pages on this site pending. There are also more members of the 560th listed in the battalion email list than listed here. Entry here is pending more basic information like the basic information listed above.  Corrections are also welcome to this list.

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