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Current Databases Available on WorldConnect Project

There are many resources on the internet that can help you with Family History.  Some you have to pay for like  Others are free. WorldConnect Project is one of those resources that is free.  To upload databases that you have made using genealogy software requires that you become a member.  But there is no fee for that membership.  To just use the databases that are already on WorldConnect Project requires NO membership. It is just there for anyone to use.  Here is the link for that free service but review the rest of the page first please:

Once you go to the home page of WorldConnect Project you will see the following on the left side:


For searching for a specific individual.


For opening Databases where the Tree Name of the Database is known.


For finding Databases with a specific word in the title of the Database.


For finding Databases that have one or more persons with a particular surname as part of the index of the Database.

You are welcome to explore those search functions for A, C, and D.  This help page, however, is primarily to be of assistance to you in B, opening Databases where the Tree Name of the Database is known. On the next page of this section of the Family History Project website are listed the Databases currently available on WorldConnect Project that are connected to the four major family trees of this website.  At WorldConnect Project all you need to do is enter the Tree Name provided for a Database listed into the rectangular window, click on GO, and it will open that Database for you. Here is the link to that page:

Current Databases Available on WorldConnect Project

Main Project Home Page

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