A Personal Story

By Allan L. Winger
(Originally written - April 1993; 1st on line version with links - 2001; updated 2006)
PART ONE: Introduction
PART TWO: Why Do You Love Me Lord?
PART THREE: Encounter of a Much Different Kind
PART FOUR: The Answer Revisited
PART FIVE: Application
PART SIX: Conclusion

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PART ONE: Introduction

(An Imaginary Letter From An Old Friend)

If Doctor Francis A. Schaeffer were alive today (in human form, because he is alive in other things, like books and videos), he might (and I say this very cautiously) have this to say about this research paper:

This is not a research paper in the classic sense of the word. It is a story of Christian experience. But it definitely took some research to complete because you just do not write about something that happened many years ago without having to dig a little.

Allan came to us, the L'Abri ministry in Switzerland, in the Spring of 1978. He was a very troubled young man, a soldier I believe, who was then stationed in West Germany. We took him in because he needed help in some very important areas. Some of the help that he found you will read about in this paper. Do not take it lightly, and I say that not to say that Allan is special or that the L'Abri ministry is special. Do not take it lightly, because the God who watches and cares for you and me and Allan does not take it lightly. Being here was a life changing experience for Allan and it should never be minimized.

It should also be said that finally, after many years, Allan is fulfilling an obligation to us. Oh, it is not any hard and fast obligation that would be considered bad if it were not fulfilled. But you see, when we take people like Allan into our ministry, we ask that before they leave, that they write or create something about what they have learned here. This paper fulfills part of that obligation. I say part because Allan knows, and we know, that he learned much more than what is written here, and he needs to write it all. He may not be the best of writers, but what he writes, most of the time, can be understood by most people.

Allan, my friend in the Lamb, you are finally on the road of no return, the straight and narrow, the path that leads beside the quiet waters and through the green pastures, to the home where the feast is always ready, where your cup overflows forever, where your head is anointed with oil, and where you dwell with the Lord forever more, Amen.

To the Reader, who also would probably be my friend in the Lamb if I knew you; you are about to witness, in written form, something a little different from what you have ever read before. Be patient in trying to understand what it is saying. (God knows, it was very difficult, and still is, for many people to understand me.) But once you have understood what is written here, it may just help you with your Christian life as well.

In The Lamb,

Francis Schaeffer


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