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February 14th, 2000

Dear Family and Friends:

A new adventure for "The Friends of L'Abri"!

In 1985, Tyndale House Publishers released my book Francis Schaeffer The Man and His Message: "In honor of the 30th Anniversary of L'Abri Fellowship June 5, 1955 - June 5, 1985"  This Monday, February 14, 2000, marks the 45th Anniversary of what eventually led to the founding of L'Abri. Perhaps you would like to recall a brief summary of what happened as I wrote about in 15 years ago. The brief paragraphs below are from pages 84 -85 of the book.

"On February 14, 1955, Fran and Edith were officially notified that they had to leave Switzerland. They had had a "religious influence" in Champery: some people like George Exhenry had turned from trusting in their works to trusting in Christ for salvation. The Schaeffers were forbidden to return to Champery for two years. At the very time that things were beginning to break apart in their mission work, and with the denomination seeking to make things difficult, to say the least, they lost their home in Switzerland by an uncharacteristic government edict.

"However, with remarkable answers to prayer, they were able to purchase Chalet les Melezes in the village of Huemoz, the Canton of Vaud. Melezes was named after the beautiful 'Melezes' or larch trees that grew between the chalet and the road. The Lord miraculously provided all the money they needed to make the down payment by the very day it was due. They had only three dollars left over after the purchase. This remarkable answer to prayer regarding their home in Switzerland in the mountains for L'Abri gave the Schaeffers the courage to write their mission board and resign. They had been enabled by God to move to Huemoz by April 1, the deadline set by the government; they had purchased their home by May 30, the deadline set by the home owners.

"L'Abri began in a very real way with Priscilla on the weekend of May 6, 1955. She brought home from college a girl who had many questions, and so began the flow of people. L'Abri came to be a spiritual 'shelter' for people with real and honest questions. God's hand was so obviously in the work that Dr. Schaeffer courageously wrote his mission board on June 5 and resigned. He asked that all salary be cut immediately, and he told of the beginning of L'Abri Fellowship. The Schaeffers had had the reality of the existence of God demonstrated to them in real ways up to that point, and L'Abri was begun simply from a desire 'to demonstrate the existence of God by our lives and our work.'

"They were successful because they began L'Abri with careful thought and prayer. They set out with a clearly defined purpose and goals. These goals were consistent with the teaching of Scripture."

The Friends of L'Abri Listserv(R) list ( was begun in April of 1996. Changes in circumstances necessitated a move to eGroups ( in 1999. This change expanded our vision for what The Friends of L'Abri could become, but at the same time official L'Abri Fellowship became concerned that some might confuse us with L'Abri Fellowship, and they asked us to choose a different list name and fellowship name. To meet the needs of L'Abri Fellowship and not to abandon the online ministry the Lord had called us to, the List Owners and Workers have been praying, seeking advice from the LAbri lists, and working diligently to expand the work God has entrusted to us in Cyberspace. We have longed to share cyber tea in Cyberspace Chalets with you and even more people. We have longed to be more effective servants of the Lord to the online community that has become a Shelter for many. We have longed to practice more effectively the teachings and principles of Fran and Edith in virtual reality. God has continued to send the people of His choice to us and to provide the necessary funds to share the Gospel of Christ and honest answers with more and more people over the Internet. A few months ago, we decided that February 14, 2000, would be the launch date for an expanded ministry. Please pray for us that God will bless the new work over the coming years. God willing, we will be able to share with you all the details of this new adventure on Monday, a most significant day in the life of Francis and Edith Schaeffer and the Shelter they began in Switzerland. We hope and pray that God will bless our work for the same reasons He blessed the work of Francis and Edith Schaeffer more than 45 years ago. Please pray with us and join with us as we seek to remain faithful to the calling of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and to the example and teachings set by Him, and Francis and Edith Schaeffer.

Love in the Lamb,

L.G. Parkhurst, Jr.

List Owner and Worker

In behalf of fellow workers: Allan Winger, Pat Finch, Melody Monte, Donna Newton, and Graham Weeks (Note: Rosana Mawson and Ron Kohlin joined the staff at later dates after this was written)

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