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A History is being developed here.  It includes major events in the lives of the Schaeffers and the Cybershelter ministry. They are in chronological order on this page. Where biographical narrative is warranted, there will be a link provided for that separate page(s). Also, there is a Web Site Development History on this page.  Both areas will be updated as time allows.

For the purposes of simplification dates will be in numerical format in year, month, day order. For example: 00-02-14 is February 14, 2000.

Schaeffer and Cybershelter History

Date Event/Title of Narrative
55-02-14 Schaeffer Family asked to leave Switzerland (Champery)
55-06-05 Swiss L'Abri founded
58 English L'Abri founded
71-09-01 Dutch L'Abri founded
79 Southboro L'Abri founded
80-07-25 Rochester L'Abri founded
82-04 Swedish L'Abri founded
88-09 Australia L'Abri Resource Center founded
95 Korean L'Abri founded
96-04 First e-mail discussion list launched by L.G. Parkhurst (LABRI-L)
00-02-14 Cybershelter launched
00-02-14 "A New Adventure for Friends of L'Abri"
01-09-01 Second website called added to ministry

Web Site Development History

Date Development Done
01-04-24 1. New Index Page for Chalet Workers
2. Old Index Page changed to General Info Page
01-04-24 1. New Index Page for Chalet Cybershelter
2. Old Index Page changed to General Info Page
01-04-25 This Web Site Work History section initiated
01-05-12 Staff bio page added for new worker Rosana Mawson
Major development events to be identified and included in this history
2015 Construction Project for the Cybershelter Website begun.

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