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This section is for official documents found on the internet that have some kind information of interest to 5th Maintenance Battalion.  They are in pdf format and therefore can be printed or downloaded. They are in chronological order for now until some better way of organizing them comes along. Some were classified documents but have been officially declassified.


Military Police Spot Report for attack on 526th CC&S Company on 9 Apr 68 (*)

After-Action Report - Attack on Camp Radcliff: 30 Oct 68 (*)


Duty Officer's Log dated 7 June 69 for attack on Company E Trp Cmd, USAD (*)
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Area Activity INTSUM dated 8 June 1969 for attack on Company E Trp Cmd, USAD located in Complex C (*)


8th Trans Grp Operational Report - Period Ending 31 January 1970
See page 8, Section E, paragraphs 1 and 3 for mention of Company E Trp Cmd, USAD located in Compound Complex Charlie (CCC)

(*) From the 5th Maint Bn web site by permission.

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