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The following index originally appeared as the index page of Appendix B: A Partial Bibliography on the Schaeffer Family and L’Abri Fellowship which is part of Allan' Thesis entitled Transferrable Concepts From L'Abri. It is more than twenty-five pages in length. Obviously this is an on-going project. Therefore only those titles in the Contents that are blue in color and underlined will lead to a page that is now on the website. Please come back from time to time and see what has been added. That "updating" is what the date under the main title above will refer to.


This is a partial bibliography for the Schaeffer Family and the L’Abri ministry. It is partial in the sense that only the standard bibliographic indexes were utilized to find the references. Those included Christian Periodical Index, Religion One Index, and The Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature. Those indexes do not cover everything that is written about someone or something. An example of this would be the Sunday School Times articles by Dr. Schaeffer. These were found after the mention of one in one of his books. Other references were found in other books or articles. Bibliographic research is always a treasure hunt. That is what makes it interesting and fun.

It should be noted at this point that most sections have a column labeled "C-Date." This is for a computerized chronological index to be compiled at a later date on everything written about the Schaeffers and L’Abri. In the mean time "by date" indexes are being developed for each section. As that work progresses you will see changes in the two extra columns below. Section without a "by date" (by title only) can still be accessed by clicking on the title below.

Also, there is a column labeled "Have." This will tell the reader that the bibliographer has or has not an actual hard copy (zerox or original) of what is listed. See Section 25 for a summary of written materials still needed. Section 26 is a collection begun in 1978. Research into how to add to this collection is ongoing. It is the goal of the bibliographer to have a complete "L’Abri Library." Any help in this respect would be greatly appreciated.


Allan L. Winger - Langhorne, Pennsylvania - February, 2002 


No. Section Title By Title By Date
01. Books by Francis A. Schaeffer Yes Yes
02. Articles by Francis A. Schaeffer Yes Yes
03. Articles about Francis A. Schaeffer

04. Reviews of Books by Francis A. Schaeffer

05. Books by Edith Schaeffer

06. Column for Christianity Today by Edith Schaeffer

07. Other Articles by Edith Schaeffer

08. Articles about Edith Schaeffer

09. Reviews of Books by Edith Schaeffer

10. Books by Frank Schaeffer

11. Films by Frank Schaeffer

12. Articles by Frank Schaeffer

13. Articles about Frank Schaeffer

14. Reviews of Books by Frank Schaeffer

15. Reviews of Films by Frank Schaeffer

16. Books by Susan (Schaeffer) Macaulay

17. Reviews of Books by Susan (Schaeffer) Macaulay

18. Books by Hans Rookmaaker (Dutch L’Abri)

19. Reviews of Books by Hans Rookmaaker

20. Books by Other L’Abri Fellowship Members

21. Reviews of Books by Other L’Abri Fellowship Members

22. Articles by or About Other L’Abri Fellowship Members

23. Books Directly Influenced by the Schaeffers or L’Abri

24. Reviews of Books Directly Influenced by the Schaeffers or L’Abri

25. Summary of Written Materials Still Needed

26. Audio Cassettes by the Schaeffers and L’Abri Fellowship

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